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Created by Jeudiel Condado & Julián Molinas.

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These are some of our functions

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Auto Follow

Reach your audience quickly and easily, get more customers organically.

Auto UnFollow

It can also cause iFluers to automatically stop following people who don't follow it.

Auto Like

With this function, you can program your profile to automatically enjoy specific publications.

Auto DM

.Send dm to your new followers every time someone follows you, the system will send you a direct message.

Auto Comments

Automatically comment on the posts of your audience, this helps the disappearance of your profile.

Auto RePosts

You can also schedule iFluers to republish publications by local hashtag and predefined users.

Advanced Analysis

Track the real-time growth of your instagram, new followers, new unfollow and more.

Mass Looking

Increase the views of your story completely quickly and efficiently. Mass Looking offers more 1m views

Activity Logs

iFluers gives you all the progress of the system, if the system cannot complete an action, you will be informed, this will help you direct the activities towards the correct follow-ups and if you have a serious error, our team will be ready to help.


If you have a problem with the system, before requesting our support, you can solve it yourself, we have a help base for the user with possible errors and solutions for some alerts that the system can provide.

Premium support

We want you to have results with iFluers to make this possible, in case you have a problem, we have a support team ready to help you.

iFluers in your hands

You can also track system actions and the progress of your Instagram growth in our Android application, download it right now, it's totally free.


How much does it cost to use iFluers?


Pay $49.00 dollars for the first month

$4.99 / mes
  • Post Types:
  • Photo, Video
  • Story (Photo only),
  • Album (Photo only)
  • Cloud Import:
  • Not available
  • Spintax Support
  • Storage
  • 150MB
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Gamma Pack

Pay $165.79 dollars for the first month

$17.99 / mes
  • Post Types:
  • Photo, Video
  • Story (Photo+Video),
  • Album (Photo+Video)
  • Cloud Import:
  • Spintax Support
  • Storage
  • 300MB
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